Be Sure You’re Safe – Here’s How

Are you in danger right now?  Will you run?  Hide?  Stand your ground?  Check out these resources at Tacoma Library.  Understand your choices, and then make the best choice, right now, that will keep you and yours as safe as possible.

The Gift of Fear

How do you spot even subtle dangers in your environment – before it’s too late?  Find here sobering and specific instructions on how to keep your loved ones and yourself safe.   A personal protection classic!

Smile at Strangers

At a women's-only karate school, Schom finds power and community that reshapes her approach to living.  This is not a story of a quick fix!  Schom encourages readers to invest time and sweat into achieving their personal safety.

A Burglar's Guide to the City

Fan of true crime, architecture or surveillance?   Follow this architect/author through the nooks and crannies of spaces where we live, work and learn.

How does each space invite crime?  What changes will keep crime out?

Essential Guide to Handguns

Own a pistol?  Planning to buy one?  Informative discussion here of all aspects of using a hand gun to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Dangerous Personalities

A thought-provoking course in psychological self-defense, this book provides thorough checklists to determine where a problematic individual might fall on a “danger spectrum.”  These are not hard and fast diagnostic tools but rather a more general, user-friendly set of descriptions, recommendations and resources.