Poetry/Music Event

Wednesday, March 9 at 7 PM

Olympic Room, Main Branch

Music speaks volumes. Poetry sings. Combine the two and you have Poetry/Music - a magical space where words and music meet. Poetry/Music is a chamber jazz duo dedicated to performing poems (everything from Maya Angelou and Robert Frost to Kerouac and Shakespeare) that have been set to music, music that has been set to poems, and music by some well-known writers who were also accomplished composers. Much like the Traveling Symphony in Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven, Poetry/Music crisscross the country bringing music and poetry into many lives.

Chris Lee plays the vibraphone, box drum and frame drum, while Colleen O’Brien plays the cello and has a deep resonant voice perfect for jazz-style vocals. This multi-media performance includes an accompanying slide presentation with each poem projected on the screen along with photographic images so that the audience can follow the written word with the poem being sung. Give a listen to Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken - http://poetrymusic.org/music, opens a new window