Digital Media Labs: Frequently Loved Software – Music


Audacity converts common audio formats to other formats (e.g. MP3 to AIF or WAV) for editing in Logic or Studio One v2.  Also provides normalization, amplify and other essential editing functions.


GarageBand is a streamlined digital audio workstation and music sequencer that can record and play back multiple tracks of audio. It allows users to create music or podcasts quickly and easily.


iTunes is an application that allows users to purchase, download and listen to music and video via computers or other iTunes compatible devices.

Logic X

Logic X is a major overhaul of previous versions. Apple’s top-of-the-line audio production software offers the latest in virtual instruments and soft-synths. Logic X’s screen interface works much the same way as FL Studio and Protools which makes it the go-to music production software for Digital Media Lab users.

Studio One v2

An easy-to-use, powerful music production studio with virtual instruments and digital effects from PreSonus. Featuring drag-and-drop functionality, you can create your own original music or sing along to a favorite instrumental track. It’s powerful, it’s fun, it’s Studio One!