Bellarmine Mission

On November 17, 1927, Mrs. A.B. Smith was photographed with bottles of soda pop for sale at a charity benefit. Signs advertising ice cold Coca-Cola and Muscadine (5 cent) punch are attached to the wall. She was monitoring one of the booths at the Bellarmine College Fair, held at St. Leo's high school gym, from […]

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Banquet at the Winthrop

A beaming Harold Moss, at the podium, seems to have the head table in stitches at a testimonial dinner honoring City Manager David Rowlands on November 17, 1969. Guests seated at round banquet tables in the Winthrop's Crystal Ballroom appear to be enjoying Mr. Moss' remarks. November 17th was Mr. Rowlands' last day as City […]

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Ruston Liquor Store

Beatrice Carmichael standing behind the counter in Ruston liquor store operated by herself and her husband Dean in January of 1979. After more than 20 years, Ruston finally regained its own liquor store. The 700-square-foot store was an agency outlet, not a state-owned operation. It was housed at 5609 N. 51st St., on a street […]

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Ladies Who Knit

Two ladies share knitting tips as their busy hands turn out fine handicrafts on November 4, 1968. Mrs. Frank Robinson and Mrs. J.A. Cooper were some of the 1200 seniors who regularly visited the Senior Center, 923 No. 13th St., located in Old Engine House No. 3. See more featured images and posts

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Fishing for More Slips

In November of 1934, part of the fishing fleet moored at the Port Commission Docks. Tacoma at this time was home to about 45 fishing vessels. Among the fleet were the "Sima", the "Argo", and the "Sapho". A motorboat, the "Hazel", was tied to the Port walkway. The November 20th Tacoma Times published an editorial […]

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Jane Bare and Ballerinas

In October of 1951, three little ballerinas, (l to r) Betty Lou Lagerquist, Frances Finnigan and Marybeth Bare, practiced their curtseys under the knowing instruction of Nancy Jane Bare. As dance instructor and choreographer, Nancy Jane Bare worked with hundreds of students over the years at Annie Wright Seminary, the University of Puget Sound, and […]

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So Many Puppies

In this photograph from October 25, 1940, Dale Merry Wosnuk, 220 East 96th, is hand feeding a newborn cocker spaniel pup while its brothers and sisters sleep in a simple wooden crib. Dale was caring for the pups born to Geraldine, a cocker spaniel owned by Mr. & Mrs. Myron Beidler. See more featured images […]

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