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Cubelets: Modular Robots

Through play and experimentation, Cubelets transform from a block set to robots. Click the magnetic blocks together and each arrangement results in a sound, light, or motion. There's no wrong way to build! Ages: 5 – 18 (manufacturer recommended 8 and up) Required: Helping adult and registered child Find the nearest times and locations to…
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Dying from the heat?

Feeling the heat?   Consider visiting Tacoma Public Library, a free, cool, air conditioned space where you can: Meet friends Use computers Study Play games Attend programs like Pokemon League, Robots, My Little Pony Watch a movie Read books and magazines Use the drinking fountain or bathroom Just cool off and take a break…
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Tales to Tails

Read to Spencer, the library's attentive certified therapy dog. Reading to dogs encourages children to read by providing a non-judgmental listener and furry friend that is uncritical of mistakes or word stumbling. Each child chooses the book and amount of reading and petting. Sign up for a private ten-minute slot. Ages 6 to 12 First-come-first-served…
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