What instructional opportunities does the Northwest Room offer?

The Northwest Room partners with educators to develop instructional opportunities that enhance the student learning experience through the investigation of primary source material. We believe that our collections exist to be used for teaching and learning and seek to facilitate productive and transformative encounters between students and archival materials. These encounters are designed around the following learning outcomes: 

By engaging with primary sources, learners begin to: 

  • Think critically about how silences, gaps, biases, and power impact the historical record and the research process. 
  • Connect historical events to the present and understand their role in the history of the local community and our collective memory. 
  • Examine and synthesize different types of information to construct, support, or dispute an argument. 
  • Articulate what primary sources might support a research project and identify the possible origin and location of those sources. 

Instructional support can be provided for all grade levels. If you are interested in discussing opportunities for your students, please complete the Instructional Request Form, opens a new window and a member of our team will follow up with you.