Reading Categories

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A book suggested by another Extreme Reader
A book with a female protagonist
A Hugo Award winner or nominee
A beach read
A book set in the South
A western
A collection of short stories
A book set somewhere you’ve never been
A book you own but have never read
A book with food in it
A book with royalty in it
A graphic novel
A book with a birthday in it
A love story
A dystopian novel
A book about books
A sad book
A book set in Washington
A book inspired by another literary work
A book with X, Y, or Z in the title
A book from a library display
A book with an alternative lifestyle in it
A book with a character you intensely dislike
A nonfiction book
A book with garden in the title
A book with a red cover
A book with a mental illness
A book by a Washington author
An autobiography
A book with a season in the title
A book with a floral cover
A book published posthumously
A book with a one-word title
A book you choose based entirely on its cover
An epistolary book
A book you love … read it again!
A wildcard book
A book on the Great American Read list
A retelling or reimagining of a story
A paperback book
A book with an animal in the title
A book with a city in the title
A mystery or thriller
Listen to an audiobook
A book published this year
A book made into a movie or TV show
A book with a witch in it
A book with multiple narrators
A book of poetry
A book that is a modern classic
An author’s first book
A literary novel
A popular book you never got around to reading
A book written by two authors
A book you never finished