What is Discord?
Discord.com is the host site for our Saturday meetings. It's a tool that allow text-only chat as well as video/audio conferencing.

In addition, various informational headings in our discord chat space allow students to reference important information relevant to class activities and exercises.

Find out more: https://discord.com/, opens a new window

Does this program grade the student?
HAL is a public library program and has no grading system per se. Students are encouraged to discover and explore on their own - with guidance and support from their parent or legal guardian
- and will receive facilitation and encouragement from library staff.

How many kids does this program accommodate?
At present our program is limited to 10 students per session, divided amongst two library facilitators. Keeping our class sizes small allows for maximum attention and care from our coding facilitators.

At times students must be capable of working on their own initiative. An attentive parent or guardian can make all the difference when it comes to student success!

Is there a waitlist?
Yes. To place your name on the waitlist, please follow this link to the event page, opens a new window. . If the description shows that the particular class has occurred in the past, scroll to the bottom to select the date in which you'd like to attend.

What is the cost of this program?
Our program is free of charge. However, students must be able to log in from home due to the COVID19 and related stay-at-home safety measures currently in place. A broadband internet connection, laptop or desktop computer and web-browser are the minimum requirements.

Check with your local school district to determine if a laptop can be issued to your student: due to COVID19 and the stay-at-home requirements issued by the State, most public schools are making laptops readily available for students free of charge.