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Test Kit Inventory by Location 

Through a partnership with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, Tacoma Public Library has free, COVID-19 test kits available to the public.  

Each guest may take two LetsGetChecked PCR test kits and two rapid Antigen kits. 

The table below reflects estimated inventory of both PCR and antigen tests by location and is updated periodically while Tacoma Public Library is open. Please call the library directly to verify kits are in stock before visiting the location. 

Location  Antigen PCR
Fern Hill Library  288 120
Kobetich Library  412 89
Main Library  432 120
Moore Library  272 119
Mottet Library  284 120
South Tacoma Library  248 107
Swasey Library  406 115
Wheelock Library   340 152


Tests Available:

PCR LetsGetChecked 

PCR LetsGetChecked COVID-19 test kits and that you can register, self-administer, and return by mail. Postage is included. Results take 24-72 hours after test kit is received via mail.  

You can pick up to two PCR test kits at any Tacoma Public Library location during our scheduled service hours.  

Kit Details 

The kit includes simple instructions to register it online, self-administer the test, and then drop off the testing kit at a UPS Store or UPS drop box. Kits must be mailed by UPS the same day they are taken. Postage is included.  Results take 24-72 hours after test kit is received via mail. Please do not return the test kits to the library. 

More info on the LetsGetChecked PCR testing kits: 

Antigen Test Kits 

Antigen testing kits for ages 2 and older give you quick results in the privacy of your own home. Depending on test kit type, results are available in 10–15 minutes. It is recommended you take a second test 24-48 hours after your first test.  

You can pick up to two antigen test kits at any Tacoma Public Library location during our scheduled service hours. 

More info on Antigen Test Kits: 

Contact a Library

Testing kits can be picked up at the circulation desk or by curbside, no-contact pickup. Please call your library to request curbside pickup, or to inquire about current test kit inventory: 

Fern Hill Library: 253-280-2910 

Kobetich Library: 253-280-2920 

Main Library: 253-280-2800 

Moore Library: 253-280-2930 

Mottet Library: 253-280-2950 

South Tacoma Library: 253-280-2960 

Swasey Library: 253-280-2970 

Wheelock Library: 253-280-2980

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